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Luxury Home away from Home

When you need a nice place to stay while your traveling, in town on business, or just want to rent instead of own, you still want a place where you can relax in luxury and still feel like you are home.  Renting a house is so much more luxurious than getting a hotel room to stay in.  If you want your luxury lifestyle to be uninterrupted by travel, Jade Mills has a great rental property to offer you. 

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Blissful Baroda Park

When you think of the words “private park”, what words come to mind?  Spacious, rich landscapes, exclusive location, and potential for growth.  Everyone enjoys going to the park, so why not live in a luxurious home amidst a picturesque park.  If you are looking for an exclusive Bel Air property with unique compound development opportunities, Jade Mills has a home for you.

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Tranquil Arkell Drive Property

A relaxing home is a more than desirable place to live for many home buyers.  Your home should be your sanctuary, your place of peace and comfort.  Every inch of the home should exude Zen so that you are always experiencing the calm of being home.  If you are interested in buying a home that will make you feel like you live in an oasis, Jade Mills has a great home to show you. 

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Historic North Rexford Drive Home

It is very rare when a home buyer can find a house with a lot of history behind these days. Homes with history always have a wonderful story, and tons of character.

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Contemporary Chalette Drive

Sleek and modern; those are the two words which describe the desire of many home buyers in the luxury real estate market.  Sleek and modern homes reflect the age we live in today.  There are many homes on the market in this style, but none of them compare to the truly modern listed home that Jade Mills is selling in Beverly Hills

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Lovable Loma Linda Drive

Some people, even though they choose to live on the West Coast, still love the East Coast.   There is a deep affection for the East Coast and its style.  If you are a fan of East Coast style homes, then you will adore a luxury home that Jade Mills is offering to home buyers in Beverly Hills. 

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City Life In Wilshire Boulevard Penthouse

Living the city life and being in the middle of culture is the desire of many home buyers.  The ability to walk to restaurants, shops, clubs, and work is attracts many people due to its convenience.  Jade Mills has listed a perfect penthouse that will most certainly put you in the middle of it all. 

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Breathtaking Flicker Way Home

A luxurious and unique home is only as good as the view that surrounds it.  A home should have a view that is relaxing and intriguing.  The view should add character to the home.  Having a view along with the home makes it so much more than just a place to live; it makes it a place to escape and rejuvenate. 

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Extraordinary Evanston Street Home

A lot of home buyers prefer to have a Tuscan theme running throughout their home, which is very relaxing and romantic. If you love the Tuscan-inspired theme, then you will love one of the homes that Jade Mills has to offer you.

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