Platinum Triangle

For Southern California locals, the term Platinum Triangle can refer to the location of Bel AirHolmby Hills and Beverly Hills. However, inside the city of Beverly Hills, the Platinum Triangle is defined by Wilshire Boulevard on the south, Santa Monica Boulevard heading northeast towards West Hollywood and Canon Boulevard heading northwest towards the more northern neighborhoods of Beverly Hills, such asTrousdale Estatesthe "flats" of Beverly HillsBeverly Hills Post Office and Beverly Park.

World-Class Shopping in Beverly Hills

Platinum Triangle real estate gives you convenient access to some of the world's finest shopping, which can be compared favorably with the Champs-Elysees in Paris, Fifth Avenue in New York and a few other locations. For jewelry, Beverly Hills' Platinum Triangle offers choices like Geary's (specialists in Rolex and Patek Philippe), Van Cleef and Arpels, De Beers, Tiffany's, Harry Winston, Graff and many others. Women's haute couture in Beverly Hills is nearly unlimited in its options, including flagship stores for Prada, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Jimmy Choo and countless others. Men's fashion is equally as strong in Beverly Hills, with fantastic locations for Brioni, Armani, Zegna, Stefano Ricci, Domenico Vacca and many more.

On the southwest border of the Beverly Hills Platinum Triangle, one can find a collection of the most luxurious department stores, including Barney's New York, Neiman Marcus and Sachs Fifth Avenue. These department stores are some of the largest and best-stocked locations anywhere in the country, with in-store boutiques for unique high-end brands, in-store restaurants, made-to-measure men's wear and much more.

A hidden shopping district adjacent to the Triangle is on South Beverly Boulevard, which is located closer to the eastern boarder of the Triangle and two or three blocks south of Wilshire Boulevard. There are many high-end boutique shops, restaurants and other stores to explore. For exotic car lovers, a trip to Ferrari of Beverly Hills is a must. Both new and consignment cars including Enzos, Ferrari 599s and the latest models are on display, as well as with many historical "Enzo Era" cars from Marinello. Hint: bring your camera, but only ask for a test drive if you are a serious buyer.

The Best Hotels in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills has some of the finest five-star hotels in the world, located within the Platinum Triangle. They offer levels of luxury that are only found in the top cities on Earth. Extravagant afternoon tea service and courtesy Rolls Royce "house cars" to shuttle you around town only start to describe the "we-don't-know-how-to-say-no" levels of customer service that you will get when you or your guests stay in Beverly Hills.

Some of the top hotels in Beverly Hills include:

The Peninsula: For some, there is no other place to stay. This Asian-based boutique chain of hotels is famous for Five-Star (AAA), Five-Diamond (Mobil Guide) service. The hotel is classic luxury, with a rooftop pool that overlooks Century City and is a perfect place for lunch or to work on your tan. At night, their dark wood-walled bar is a laid-back place to enjoy exotic champagne or thirty-year-old single malt scotch by the glass.

The Beverly Wilshire (Four Seasons): Embrace your inner "Pretty Woman," as this is the hotel where the iconic film starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere was made. Located at the intersection of Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Boulevard, this Four Seasons hotel boasts an amazing location and incredible views, as well as Wolfgang Puck's Cut Steakhouse.

Montage Beverly Hills: The newest hotel in the Platinum Triangle of Beverly Hills, the Montage, is host to heads of state, celebrities and well-heeled guests who love the large rooms and enjoy dining at locations like Thomas Keller's Bouchon.

The Luxe LA on Rodeo Drive: While likely the most down-to-earth hotel in the Platinum Triangle, the Luxe hotel is located in the heart of Rodeo Drive. For those who are poised for some serious shopping, eating or business, this is a great hotel option.

The Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills: Even though the Beverly Wilshire is also a Four Seasons hotel, this property is what locals call "The Four Seasons Beverly Hills." Its location is outside of the Platinum Triangle, closer to West Hollywood, but it's a short limo ride back to the Triangle. Incredible views, easy access to more "eastside" attractions, including West Hollywood, make this a favorite for many.

The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows: It doesn't get more classic than this age-old hotel on Sunset Boulevard. Some say you've never been to Beverly Hills if you never stayed in a bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Located mere blocks from Rodeo Drive, this hotel's classic Polo Lounge bar is pure Hollywood history.

The Hotel Bel Air: The Hotel Bel Air is the most romantic of all Beverly Hills hotels, even if it's not technically located inside of the Platinum Triangle or even Beverly Hills. This boutique hotel is located in adjacent Bel Air, nestled in with $10,000,000-plus homes. A small creek runs through the recently renovated resort, which is also home to a family of beautiful swans. Wolfgang Puck, of Spago fame, has redone the hotel restaurant with fantastic results. The Hotel Bel Air is also considered one of the elite best locations for weddings in Beverly Hills.

The Best Places to Dine in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is one of the best places to eat, no matter what your culinary goal, be it low-carb, vegan, macrobiotic or the absolute best cuisine that money can buy.

Here is a list of a few of the best places to eat and drink in Beverly Hills

Xi'an: Affordable and healthy Chinese. Great for lunch and dinner. Very close to all of the action on and near Rodeo Drive.

Mulberry Street Pizza: Looking for a slice of New York? This Canon Drive pizza place is the solution. Thin crust and East Coast style, complete with a copy of today's New York Post to read. There is also a location on South Beverly Drive.

Nic's Martini Bar: Larry Nicola's vodka-tasting bar is the hippest spot for a martini in the Platinum Triangle, but you must do a shot of exotic vodka in the below-freezing "vod box". Don't worry, they have a faux fur coat and hat for you. Their "Rat Pack" fantastic menu woos some while others like their "spa menu."

Spago: The best lunch in Beverly Hills is a big claim, but when Wolfgang is holding court (as he does most days), this Beverly Hills classic is as good as it gets. The wine list is to die for, the menu is classic California fusion and the service is the standard that all top restaurants should embrace.

Cut: Wolfie's steakhouse in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel might not be what your cardiologist ordered, but with four different sources for beef, including the elusive Japanese Kobe, you are in for a treat. Cut Bar is a cool place to order amazing wine by the glass and rub elbows with the beautiful people.

Bouchon: Imported right from the Napa Valley comes award-winning super-chef Thomas Keller's French Bistro, Bouchon. Located in the Montage Hotel, you can't lose at a restaurant that safely boasts "the best French fries in the world" (they aren't wrong).

There are dozens of other restaurants in and near Beverly Hills that are of specific note, including Nate and Al's Deli, Maestro's Steakhouse, Oliver at the Sports Club of LA, Mr. Chow's, Matsuhisa on La Cienega and dozens others.

Office Buildings in the Beverly Hills Platinum Triangle

Beverly Hills' population surges during the day, as people from all over Los Angeles come to the Platinum Triangle to work. The office buildings of the Platinum Triangle are some of the most luxurious and high-end in the city, housing everything from top talent agencies to law firms to boutique entertainment, luxury and other entrepreneurial companies. The "walking neighborhood" feel of the Platinum Triangle creates a somewhat small-town feel inside a city of nearly 3,000,000 people.

Medical Services in Beverly Hills

Directly to the east of the Platinum Triangle of Beverly Hills is the world-famous Cedar Sinai Medical Center, where many people with homes in Beverly Hills go for their care. However, inside the Platinum Triangle, one will find health care at the highest level. On streets like Camden on the eastern portion of the Triangle, there are dozens upon dozens of doctors who range from (you guessed it) plastic surgeons to audiologists to physical therapists and basically every niche practice you can imagine.

Platinum Triangle Real Estate

The Platinum Triangle of Beverly Hills hosts more commercial elements of the city. There are some condos and apartments in the Platinum Triangle, but much of the top Beverly Hills real estate is either above the triangle in the neighborhood known as "the flats," or below the Platinum Triangle in the walking neighborhoods between Wilshire and Olympic Boulevards. To the east, there are neighborhoods known to locals as "Beverly Hills Adjacent," which implies that it's close, but not exactly in Beverly Hills. You get proximity to all of the wonderful resources, but do not get the Beverly Hills schools and city services unless you are within the city limits.