Holmby Hills

Holmby Hills might be the most expensive neighborhood in America, let alone Los Angeles. Bordering tony Beverly Hills, Holmby is home to some of the world's largest and most famous homes. Unlike the neighborhoods of Hollywood Hills and West Hollywood, Holmby Hills offers rare estate lots that over the years have been converted into mega-estates. The best-heeled people on the planet seek out Holmby Hills for its fantastic weather, great lots, incredible access to every part of Los Angeles and the neighborhood's unique mystique.

Some of the most famous homes in the Holmby Hills section of Los Angeles include the Playboy Mansion, which houses perhaps America's most famous swimming pool in "the grotto." Hugh Hefner throws many large parties where guests park at nearby UCLA and are shuttled over to his mansion for various festivities, including viewing his full on-property zoo, which includes bunnies, monkeys, exotic birds and more. Right down the street from the Playboy mansion is the 50,000-plus-square-foot mansion previously owned by the late Aaron Spelling and his wife Candy, which comes complete with a screening room, as well as a "present-wrapping room." Candy Spelling recently sold the mansion on 4.7 acres to a 22-year-old British heiress for less than the $150,000,000 asking price. Spelling purchased bought one of the most expensive condos ever sold at the newly-built The Century building for $47,000,000. The Century is a condo building in nearby Century City and Spelling's new digs include both of the top floors.

The closest private school to Holmby Hills is Harvard Westlake, which is one of the most exclusive prep schools in Los Angeles. The Brentwood School is not too far to the west in Brentwood near the 405 Freeway and Sunset Boulevard. The University of California Los Angeles - aka UCLA - is a public college, just to the west of Holmby Hills.

Private country clubs near Holmby Hills include the very exclusive Los Angeles Country Club. The fourteenth hole at LACC is where both the Playboy Mansion and the former Spelling Mansion are located. Bel Air Country Club is located just northwest of Holmby Hills. This also very exclusive private club is home to many celebrity members. Both clubs were designed by George Thomas in the 1920s. One hidden gem in Holmby Hills is the Armand Hammer pitch and putt golf course. Located just north of the LACC driving range, this unbelievably expensive plot of real estate hosts a gorgeous park with a small eighteen-hole golf course that is open to the public. Be careful, however: while the $3 greens fee won't break the bank, shanking a wedge into someone's Bugatti driving by might cost you a little more.

Holmby Hills has access to many of the finest amenities in the world, which is why it has a global draw for those looking for an estate in Los Angeles. Five-star hotels abound near Holmby Hills, including the recently renovated Hotel Bel AirThe Beverly Hills Hotel is just a quick shot down Sunset Boulevard to the east. The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, a mere three-minute drive from Holmby Hills, might be the best of a pretty fantastic breed of five-star hotels. Their Rolls Royce limos, afternoon tea service and rooftop pool, loaded with Hollywood agents having "power lunches," are only the beginnings of the appeal of this five-star, five-diamond hotel.

Air travel from Holmby Hills can be done through Los Angeles International Airport for those looking to fly commercially to locations all over the world. For those flying privately, both the Santa Monica Airpark and Van Nuys World Airport are closely located. Santa Monica Airpark is less traveled, but has fewer FBOs and more restrictions to the size, weight and noise coming out of the airport, so "heavy" planes, such as Gulfstream jets, can't fly cross-country departing from Santa Monica. Van Nuys offers more accommodations to larger private planes, including all forms of Gulfstreams, Boeing BBJ, 727s and other large-format aircraft.

Holmby Hills is a neighborhood filled with large estate lots and homes that are priced above $10,000,000. "Little Holmby" is a neighborhood to the west, closer to UCLA, that has more affordably-priced homes. Expect to find properties priced in the many of millions of dollars, but not well into the eight figures that you will see in Holmby Hills.

Jade Mills, one of the top-producing real estate agents in the nation year-in and year-out according to the Wall Street Journal - Real Trendslist, has sold many of the most fantastic homes in Holmby Hills including:

594 South Mapleton Dr.                 $85 Million - 7/14/11
111 North Mapleton Dr.                 $21.5 Million - 5/3/11
250 Delfern Dr.                            $19.5 Million - 2/25/13
320 North Carolwood Dr.           $18.5 Million - 11/12/10
100 North Carolwood Dr.             $18.1 Million - 11/2/12
*360 South Mapleton Dr.       $14.888 Million - 12/14/10
530 South Mapleton Dr.                 $14.4 Million - 8/5/11
200 South Mapleton Dr.             $13.75 Million - 5/25/11
*550 South Mapleton Dr.             $13.6 Million - 11/3/10
210 North Carolwood Dr.             $13.5 Million - 2/17/11
201 Delfern Dr.                             $12 Million - 10/31/12
651 North Faring Dr.                    $11.5 Million - 3/23/12
355 South Mapleton Dr.                   $11 Million - 8/6/10
100 South Mapleton Dr.          $10.175 Million - 2/13/12
250 North Carolwood Dr.            $9.49 Million - 3/19/12
130 Delfern Dr.                            $8.4 Million - 10/25/11
271 South Mapleton Dr.                $8.25 Million - 6/9/11
560 North Beverly Glen                      $8 Million - 5/3/11
444 North Faring Rd.                 $7.375 Million - 3/31/11
10372 West Sunset Blvd.            $7.2 Million - 11/30/12
1188 Brooklawn Dr.                     $6.2 Million - 12/20/10
1150 Brooklawn Dr.                       $4.8 Million - 6/15/12
302 Parkwood Dr.                        $4.5 Million - 12/13/12
520 North Beverly Glen              $4.225 Million - 12/1/11
221 South Beverly Glen                 $3.4 Million - 11/5/10

*Indicates Jade's listing

If you are looking to list your property in Holmby Hills and/or if you are looking seriously to buy in Holmby Hills, Jade Mills is here to help you find the perfect home for you and your family.