Real Estate Coaching Radio
October 3, 2014
Check out Jade Mills guest appearance on Real Estate Coaching Radio® with Tim & Julie Harris, where she discusses her outstanding history in the West Los Angeles real estate market and her rise to to... View More
2300 White Stallion Road in White Stallion Estates
July 20, 2014
White Stallion Estates is a highly coveted gated neighborhood in the elite and intimate community of Hidden Valley.  Hidden Valley is comprised of around 60 private estates and ranches.  White Stall... View More
Hidden Valley Real Estate Profile
July 20, 2014
This is one of those places where you suck in your breath, let out a low whistle and think, "So this is how the other half lives." Nestled in the mountains, Thousand Oaks' Hidden Valley might be calle... View More
Spanish Style Architecture in Beverly Hills
May 9, 2012
Spanish-style architecture has long been a feature of many homes in the Beverly Hills real estate market. Featuring stucco walls, arched doorways and windows, beautiful tile work throughout, and red... View More
Luxury Outdoor Spaces Homebuyers Love
May 7, 2012
Throughout the Beverly Hills real estate market, luxury homebuyers expect to find resort-like amenities as part of the package. This might mean spa bathrooms, elaborate home gyms, or wine cellars. T... View More
Famous Beverly Hills Landmarks on Film
May 2, 2012
Movie stars have flocked to Beverly Hills for decades. Many of the landmarks in the city now rival even its most popular celebrity residents for number of on-screen appearances. Beverly and Can... View More
Beverly Hills Flats
April 30, 2012
The name Beverly Hills brings to mind fabulous, famous residents and their homes, world class shopping, and of course, hills. While many amazing luxury homes are perched among the cliffsides above Lo... View More
Dog-Friendly Beverly Hills
April 27, 2012
The Beverly Hills dining scene is as renowned as its famous designer shopping district, and for good reason. World class eateries line the streets, featuring a wide variety of cuisines expertly prep... View More
Classic Beverly Hills Restaurants
April 25, 2012
The name Lawry’s immediately brings to mind the familiar shaker of seasoning salt for many people, but the birthplace of this ubiquitous spice is a classic Beverly Hills establishment still in ope... View More
Beverly Hills Post Office
April 23, 2012
The Beverly Hills real estate market offers many distinct choices for the luxury homebuyer. Some areas include gated communities like Trousdale Estates, while others are known for their expansive vi... View More
Pickfair and Beverly Hills History
April 18, 2012
Beverly Hills is known throughout the world as a destination for glamour, luxury, and prestige. Countless celebrities and industry leaders have called this gorgeous area home for decades, and fashio... View More
Art Glass Chandeliers
April 16, 2012
Modern luxury has new meaning as show-stopping light fixtures have become a hot design trend in the Beverly Hills real estate market. Museum-worthy chandeliers can be found gracing dramatic entryway... View More
Old Bel Air
April 13, 2012
Widely regarded as one of the most prestigious parts of Los Angeles, Old Bel Air is home to the historic, expansive estates often chosen in the media to epitomize the idea of the “Beverly Hills li... View More
Greystone Mansion
April 11, 2012
The Greystone Mansion boasts a list of film credits few actors can claim. This 46,000-square-foot Tudor-style estate-turned-city-park was built in 1928. It has been featured in dozens of films and t... View More
Frank Lloyd Wright and Beverly Hills Architecture
April 9, 2012
The work of Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most prolific and highly regarded architects in American history, is mostly centered in the Midwest. But his signature architectural style can be found in ... View More
Wilshire Boulevard
April 4, 2012
It might be hard to believe that one of the most well-known and well-traveled streets in Los Angeles had its origins in a barley field, but in fact, this was the inauspicious beginning of Wilshire B... View More
Finding Privacy in the Beverly Hills Real Estate Market
April 3, 2012
While Beverly Hills features many fashionable and highly sought-after areas where residents enjoy a seemingly ever-present spotlight, many options for luxury homebuyers who value privacy and seclusi... View More
History of Holmby Hills
March 30, 2012
When people think of glamour and landmark southern California luxury, there’s a good chance the images conjured up hail from the Los Angeles neighborhood of Holmby Hills. The location of such w... View More
Eco-friendly Luxury
March 28, 2012
Today’s luxury homebuyers are keeping an eye toward the marriage between exceptional style and a decreased environmental impact. Several notable trends have emerged in the past several years in t... View More
Luxury Amenities at Hotel Bel Air
March 26, 2012
Long renowned as a glamorous, iconic example of classic 1940s Beverly Hills architecture, Hotel Bel Air remains a timeless fixture even after undergoing a major two-year renovation by famed interior... View More
Beverly Hills Platinum Triangle Shopping District
March 21, 2012
Selecting a luxury home in the Beverly Hills real estate market means gaining easy access to a wealth of extraordinary amenities and events, enviable year-round weather, and stunning geography. For ... View More
Paul R. Williams and Beverly Hills Architecture
March 19, 2012
A study of the architectural styles represented in the Beverly Hills real estate market would not be complete without including the work of Paul R. Williams (1894-1980). Not only did Williams design... View More
Rodeo Drive
March 16, 2012
Nowadays, celebrities are often found in the three-block stretch the world knows as Rodeo Drive.  All the best designers, from Armani to Gucci; from Cartier to Tiffany, can be found there.  One th... View More
A History of Hotel Bel Air
March 14, 2012
One of the many perks of owning Bel Air properties is being a part of a rich and glamorous history.  In October 2011, Hotel Bel Air reopened after a two year construction project, but the history str... View More
An Eye for Birdseye Maple in Luxury Homes
March 12, 2012
When buying a luxury home in a community like Beverly Hills or Bel Air, it’s important to have an eye for every detail in order to know that you’re getting the very best. Certain features of a hom... View More
Sunset Boulevard
March 7, 2012
One of the most evocative roads in America, Sunset Boulevard winds across just over 20 miles of western Los Angeles County, from Figueroa St to the Pacific Coast Highway in Pacific Palisades.  It p... View More
Quartz vs Granite Countertops
March 5, 2012
The kitchen has long been considered to be the heart of the home.  Whether you are entertaining in numbers or hosting an intimate gathering of family and friends, people naturally converge in the k... View More
Homes with Stunning Views
March 2, 2012
Of all the plentiful benefits of owning luxury real estate in Beverly Hills and surrounding areas, none is more memorable than the stunning views.  Some properties offer legendary views of shimmering... View More
Carrera Marble
February 29, 2012
Carrera marble is one of the most sought after luxury building materials in the world.  Quarried in the Tuscany region in Italy, its lovely white or blue-gray color is highly coveted in part because ... View More
The History of Bel Air
February 27, 2012
  Bel Air homes are steeped in a rich 20th century tradition unique to California.  Located west of Los Angeles, Bel Air boarders UCLA and includes part of the breathtaking Santa Monica Mountains f... View More
East Coast Charm in Beverly Hills
February 22, 2012
Do you love all that Beverly Hills estates offer but long for the classic style of East Coast architecture? With this luxurious home, located at 1178 Loma Linda Drive, you don’t have to choose betwe... View More
A Smart and Beautiful Home
February 17, 2012
When living in a luxury home, security and peace of mind are paramount. A home interconnected with a smart system can deliver what you need. A state-of-the-art Creston smart home system is included in... View More
A Brief History of Beverly Hills
February 15, 2012
When you purchase real estate in Beverly Hills, you become part of a community whose rich history stretches back to the turn of the 20th century. From its beginnings, Beverly Hills was destined to be ... View More
Old World Elegance Meets Modern Comfort
February 13, 2012
Many of the most luxurious properties in Beverly Hills and Bel Air combine old world elegance with modern accoutrements. In these elite communities, you don't have to choose between the classic beauty... View More
European Elegance on Sunset Boulevard
October 14, 2011
Why settle with residing in the city of angels when you can own a palace of angels?  Experience a life of royalty in a baroque European style palace on prestigious Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills... View More
Oakhurst Oasis
October 14, 2011
Picture a luxury condominium with the perfect combination of natural light and beauty.  The inviting atmosphere and gorgeous views are perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing at the end of a lo... View More
Radiant Rexford Drive
October 10, 2011
An elegant English, country classic is not something you see in the heart of prime Beverly Hills real estate.  The romantic and peaceful setting offers a luxury home with a charming personality and... View More
Classic Condominium in The Californian
October 7, 2011
Luxury meets full-service at one of the most renowned hi-rises on the Wilshire Corridor.  A luxury condominium must have spacious and sophisticated rooms, amazing amenities and great location.  The ... View More
Wonderful Westholme Avenue
October 5, 2011
  Finding the right townhome in the perfect location isn’t always easy.  It is important to look for something that you can make your own and offers the right amenities.  If you are looking for ... View More
Spacious Wilshire Boulevard
October 3, 2011
  When a person is looking for an condominium, size, location and amenities offered are all very important.  Sometimes a condominium is not big enough but when you combine two luxury condominiums, ... View More
Beautiful Blantyre Drive
September 30, 2011
Are you looking for a beautiful Tuscan Villa that transports you to the Italian countryside without leaving the states?  Often time doesn’t allow for travel abroad but that shouldn’t stop you fro... View More
Sensational San Ysidro Drive
September 30, 2011
When looking for a rental property, location and luxuries make or break a deal.  If you are looking for a luxury home built for entertaining in the infamous Beverly Hills 90210 district then Jade Mil... View More
Bountiful Brownwood Place
September 23, 2011
  When you are into a luxurious yet rustic lifestyle, finding a home this fits all your needs may be difficult.  It may be even harder to find a luxury estate with horse amenities.  If you are loo... View More
Zesty Zuma View Place
September 21, 2011
  It is important that when you are looking for a luxury condominium that it offers a variety of exclusive qualities.  You have to look at location, floor plan, neighbors and views.  If these feat... View More
Spacious Stonewood Drive
September 19, 2011
  A fine traditional home can mean a variety of luxuries.  Are you looking for a traditional luxury home that has a tremendous amount of natural light highlighting exquisite custom features?  If t... View More
Colcord Country Colonial Estate
September 15, 2011
  There are many luxury homes in Bel Air but few have appeared in a book.  This lovely luxury estate is featured as “Wolf House” in the book Colcord Home by Bret Parsons.  The renowned archite... View More
Exquisite Evelyn Place
September 14, 2011
  Making sure a luxury home is suited for children and dinner parties has its difficulties.  It is important to find the right family home in the right location.  If you are looking for a lovely c... View More
Quintessential Queens Road
September 13, 2011
  When shopping for a home, the designers, architect and name brand materials play a large role in the value of a luxury home.  These admired characteristics speak for themselves before even lookin... View More
Homey Hazen Drive
September 12, 2011
  If you are looking for a traditional family home, Midwest style, it may be hard in Beverly Hills.  It is important to find a luxury home that features family-style rooms that are perfect for comf... View More
Picturesque Pacific Avenue
September 10, 2011
  When picking a luxury home, the scenery and location play a huge role.  An exclusive cape cod steps away from the gorgeous ocean has location and privacy.  If you are looking for exquisite maste... View More
Striking Summit Court
September 6, 2011
  In any luxury home, the master suite amenities are extremely important to any homebuyer.  You want a romantic master suite that provides a nice retreat from the rest of the home.  If you are loo... View More
Marvelous Moraga Lane
September 5, 2011
  When living in Bel Air, entertaining guests, clients and family is second nature.  It is important that when you are looking for a luxury home it fits those indoor and outdoor entertainment needs... View More
Whimsical Weybridge Lane
September 4, 2011
It is hard to find the perfect home for every kind of entertaining in Bel Air.  Some homes are perfect for large dinner parties and adult entertaining while others have a more family feel to them.  ... View More
Lovable Lexington Road
September 3, 2011
  It is always important when buying a home to make it your own.  Imagine the possibilities when a luxury home has potential for expansion.  Buying a luxury home on prime Beverly Hills real estate... View More
European Inspired Evanston Street
August 31, 2011
  Sometimes you are looking to bring your perfect tropical paradise home, home.  The Tuscan villa you stayed at on the Italian Riviera was a perfect combination of luxury and comfort.  If you are ... View More
Stunning Sunset Estate
August 31, 2011
  When you travel to Los Angeles, California to stay for an extended period of time, you have a number of options of where you can lodge.  Perhaps you have family or friends you can stay with, or y... View More
Sensational Century Woods Drive
August 30, 2011
  When looking for a luxury estate, security is extremely important.  Sometimes a gate just isn’t enough, so why not look for a luxury home inside a guard-gated community?  If this is something ... View More
Radiant Robin Drive
August 30, 2011
  Would you like a taste of the Hollywood lifestyle the next time you come to visit California?  Consider renting a home instead of staying at a hotel.  A rental home can give you all the luxuries... View More
Enamored Ambassador Avenue
August 30, 2011
Finding a traditional luxury home perfect for raising a family can be difficult.  It is important to find the right balance between luxurious entertaining and a family oriented home.  If you are loo... View More
Bountiful Benedict Canyon
August 30, 2011
Are you looking for the perfect rental home that is close to the city, but far enough away to make you feel like you are in the country?  Jade Mills has a great rental home to offer you, whether you ... View More
Enchanting English Estate
August 28, 2011
An English estate evokes a magical vision of romance and tranquility.  Many people lead a demanding lifestyle and want to come home to a quiet and comfortable home.  If you are looking for a charm... View More
Mediterranean Perugia Way
August 28, 2011
Meditation has become a huge part of living a Zen lifestyle.  It is important to have places throughout your luxury estate that create this peaceful atmosphere.  A perfect balance of calm and luxu... View More
Spectacular Sunset Rental
August 25, 2011
Renting a house is easy, stress-free, and most of all, convenient.  When you rent luxury homes you not only get the aforementioned convenience, but also the sophisticated extravagance that comes al... View More
Luxury Home away from Home
August 22, 2011
When you need a nice place to stay while your traveling, in town on business, or just want to rent instead of own, you still want a place where you can relax in luxury and still feel like you are ho... View More
Blissful Baroda Park
August 19, 2011
When you think of the words “private park”, what words come to mind?  Spacious, rich landscapes, exclusive location, and potential for growth.  Everyone enjoys going to the park, so why not li... View More
Magnificent Mapleton Drive Property
August 19, 2011
An extravagant home built for entertaining and fine living is not always easy to find. You are always looking for the right balance between comfort and pleasure.  Jade Mills has a home newly renovate... View More
Classic Contemporary Thrasher Avenue Home
August 17, 2011
Sometimes it is not very easy to find a home that fits your exact tastes.  You know what you want, and you are not willing to compromise, and that is fine.  You want the ideal home for yourself, a... View More
Tranquil Arkell Drive Property
August 12, 2011
A relaxing home is a more than desirable place to live for many home buyers.  Your home should be your sanctuary, your place of peace and comfort.  Every inch of the home should exude Zen so that yo... View More
Historic North Rexford Drive Home
July 29, 2011
It is very rare when a home buyer can find a house with a lot of history behind these days.  Homes with history always have a wonderful story, and tons of character.  A home with a history is perfec... View More
Inspiring Indiana Avenue Compound
July 29, 2011
Owning a home is great, but owning a compound of homes is even better.  A compound of homes has not only a lot of space, but also a lot of uses.  You can use one home to live in, one home to work in... View More
Lovable Loma Linda Drive
July 28, 2011
Some people, even though they choose to live on the West Coast, still love the East Coast.   There is a deep affection for the East Coast and its style.  If you are a fan of East Coast style homes, ... View More
Contemporary Chalette Drive
July 28, 2011
Sleek and modern; those are the two words which describe the desire of many home buyers in the luxury real estate market.  Sleek and modern homes reflect the age we live in today.  There are many ho... View More
Neo-Traditional North Oakhurst Drive
July 28, 2011
Traditional homes have much to offer any home buyer.  With that said, neo-traditional homes have much to offer as well.  With neo-traditional homes you get the perfect blend of traditional and moder... View More
French Villa on Green Acres Drive
July 23, 2011
France is famous for its fabulous food, and it’s also famous for its incredible architecture.  Many people are drawn France’s plush and fantastical feel.  If you love French architecture, you wi... View More
Romantic Stone Canyon Home
July 21, 2011
The romantic architecture of homes can be extremely hard to find these days on the luxury real estate market.  Many people are looking for a home with a modern feel, however the romantic feel is mu... View More
Charming Alpine Drive Estate
July 21, 2011
The charming English countryside seems like an idyllic place to live.  The beautiful landscape and the uniqueness of the houses have always intrigued many people, especially home buyers.  How perfec... View More
City Life In Wilshire Boulevard Penthouse
July 20, 2011
Living the city life and being in the middle of culture is the desire of many home buyers.  The ability to walk to restaurants, shops, clubs, and work is attracts many people due to its convenience.... View More
Stunning Stratford Circle Home
July 19, 2011
Privacy, luxury, and comfort are must haves for many home buyers are looking for a looking for a place to call home.   There are some houses may have the one of those attributes, but not the other a... View More
Breathtaking Flicker Way Home
July 15, 2011
A luxurious and unique home is only as good as the view that surrounds it.  A home should have a view that is relaxing and intriguing.  The view should add character to the home.  Having a view alo... View More
Extraordinary Evanston Street Home
July 13, 2011
Walking into your home, you want to feel like you are not just at home, but that you are also at a place where you can escape into another world.  Some people want that world to feel like a different... View More
Perfect Perugia Way Home
July 8, 2011
Every home buyer wants their home location to be a good balance between convenient and getaway.  You want your home to be close enough so that you can be social and active, but far way enough to wher... View More
Regal Mapleton Drive
July 7, 2011
The ideal feeling a home should give is a sense of royalty.  You want to feel like a king/queen returning to your kingdom retreat after a day’s work.  You almost want it to take you back to the da... View More
Beautiful Baroda Drive
July 1, 2011
It is many home buyers’ passion to personalize their home.  Whether it is just redecorating the home, or remodeling the home, undertaking the task of personalizing your home can be a daunting one.... View More
Delightful Delfern Drive
June 29, 2011
In addition to Beverly Hills and Bel Air, Holmby Hills helps to form what is referred to as the “Platinum Triangle” in Los Angeles, California.  Highly requested among luxury home buyers, Holmb... View More
Lovely Laurel Lane Estate
June 27, 2011
Many homes on the market are practical, but not luxurious.  It is great to find a house that will meet your expectations, but it is even better to find a house that exceeds your expectations.  There... View More
Ashlee Simpson Sells Post Office Area Home in Los Angeles
June 23, 2011
26-year-old Ashlee Simpson has sold her home in the 90210 district of Los Angeles for $3,475,000.  The singer/songwriter/actress bought the 7,100 square foot house back in 2007 for $4,500,000. Built... View More
Heidi Klum and Seal's Sale in Beverly Hills
June 23, 2011
Heidi Klum and her husband Seal have sold their Beverly Hills estate for $7 million. The put it on the market in May at $6.9 million, and was in escrow two weeks later.  They bought the home in 2005 ... View More
J.K. Simmons Sells Hollywood Hills Home
June 16, 2011
Actor J.K. Simmons has sold his contemporary home for $1,585,000. Located in Hollywood Hills, this home was originally bought for $1.45 million in 2003.  It was built in 2000, so the home is still... View More
Spelling Mansion Finally Sells
June 15, 2011
The title of the highest priced home in the United States has belonged to the Spelling mansion, a.k.a. The Manor, for over two years.  However, 22-year-old U.K. heiress Petra Ecclestone has bought t... View More
Jenny Craig Listing Takes a Cut
June 15, 2011
Jenny Craig, founder of the trusted weight-loss company, originally listed her impressive estate for $30 million over a year ago.  However, she has now cut the price down to $25 million in hopes that... View More
Rock N' Roll Getaway Up For Sale
June 9, 2011
Have you ever heard of the Shangri La Ranch in Malibu?  It is the famous dwelling and studio for multiple rock n' roll legends such as Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and Joe Cocker.  More recently, King... View More
Sylvester Stallone List's His "Rocky" Oasis
June 8, 2011
Famous for his unforgettable role in the "Rocky" movies, Sylvester Stallone is putting up his home for sale.  The house is located in Thousand Oaks on Lake Sherwood for $4,495,000.  It is 3,600 squa... View More
Sandra Bullock Buys New Home In Beverly Hills
June 6, 2011
At a price tag of $22.95 million, Sandra Bullock has bought a new home in Beverly Hills.  She actually owns several homes across the country, so this is just one of many.  With more than four acres,... View More
Ellen Lists Beverly Hills Property
June 3, 2011
Ellen DeGeneres, famous talk show host, has listed her beautiful four-structure compound home on the Beverly Hills real estate market.  It is valued at around $49 million, although the actual listing... View More
John Krasinki's Charming Home On The Market
June 1, 2011
Located in West Hollywood, John Krasinski, a.k.a. Jim Halpert from NBC's "The Office", is selling his charming old English style home.  Built in 1926, this country home has wood floors, high elevated... View More
Facebook Founder Buys California Real Estate
May 26, 2011
Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has recently purchased his first home.  He has purchased a $7 millon home in California.  The home has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. The entertainment pavili... View More
Mike Medavoy, Shutter Island Producer, Gets A Piece Of Luxury Living In Beverly Hills
May 26, 2011
Jade Mills sold Mike Medavoy, now CEO of Phoenix Films, and his wife a home in a luxurious gated community in Beverly Hills. You may know of his production work from Shutter Island, Platoon, Robocop, ... View More
Legendary Elizabeth Taylor’s Estate For Sale
May 26, 2011
Elizabeth Taylor’s 1.2-acre, 7,000-square foot, ranch-style Bel-Air estate went on the market on Monday, May 23.  Even though she is incredibly missed, she has definitely left her mark behind on th... View More
Jade Mills Sells Rock n’ Roll
May 25, 2011
Leasing out a home that used to be owned by Elvis Presley, Jade Mills is selling a piece renovated of rock n’ roll history.  This home truly embodies the uniqueness of the Calinfornia lifestyle. On... View More
The Celebrity Dream Home Wish List
May 25, 2011
Celebrities can have whatever they want in a home because they are high profile clients and can afford it.  So it makes me wonder, what is it exactly that celebrities want in their dream home?  What... View More
Jade Mills Selling Ohana Estate from Jennifer Aniston
May 24, 2011
Jade Mills says Jennifer Aniston’s Ohana piece of Beverly Hills luxury real estate is “sheer perfection” and “leaves nothing to be desired.”  This 10,000 square foot, 5 bedroom, 7 ½ bath h... View More
The Steadying Housing Market
May 24, 2011 is doing interviews with top luxury real estate agents from all around the country to help settle down America and their negative views on the real estate market.  The goal is ... View More
Les Pais Des Anges
May 21, 2011
Back in February of this year Jade Mills, along with Joyce Rey, made an Exclusive appearance on the television show Extra to take Michael Corbett on a tour of Les Pais Des Anges.  This $65 million ma... View More
Legendary Roxbury Drive
May 20, 2011
Whether or not you've heard of Roxbury Drive, it is a street in Beverly Hills that shines brightly.  This is due to the fact that multiple Hollywood stars live, or have lived, on this street througho... View More
Zsa Zsa Gabor's Bel Air Mansion
May 20, 2011
The infamous 94-year-old actress Zsa Zsa Gabor has had her mansion on the Bel Air real estate market since January 2011.  She has not yet been able to sell it, and her poor health has forced her to d... View More
Spelling Mansion Breaks America's Bank
May 17, 2011
Candy Spelling, widow of the late Aaron spelling and mother to Tori Spelling, is selling her 150 million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills.  Built in 1991, the 4.7 acre Holmby Hills is the most expensi... View More
Ted Lennon's Thoughts on Real Estate
May 12, 2011
Ted Lennon is responsible for Lowe Enterprises $200 million dollar luxury real estate portfolio in California.  He manages resales and serves as senior vice president of Lowe Development Corp. and L... View More
Jade Mills and Family
May 11, 2011
During her 30 year experience in Bel Air and Beverly Hills real estate Jade Mills has mastered not only her field, but also how to incorporate family into her career.  Among her many respectable qual... View More
Taylor Swift's New House
May 10, 2011
Celebrities are known for their eccentric taste in homes.  In fact, Hollywood offers celebrity home tours just so the public can get a glimpse of the fabulous homes that celebrities own.  However, y... View More
The Right Realtor
May 9, 2011
Finding the right realtor is key in the process of home buying and selling.  Buying and selling a home is already stressful enough, you don't need a Realtor who has their own agenda to add to the m... View More
The Dream Kitchen
May 5, 2011
When it comes to luxury real estate, it is easy to find that dream kitchen you've always longed for.  It often comes standard in most luxury homes because it is in such high demand.  However, every ... View More
Sharing a Love for Luxury Real Estate
April 29, 2011
Aren't the words "luxury real estate" the sweetest words you could hear when it comes to buying a home? You picture all of the beautiful yet functional granite counter tops in the kitchen, the waterf... View More